Mess in PDF's


I cannot produce readable pdf’s, I got this mess:

In reports, in payment forms, everywhere.
How can I solve this problem (without outputing to jpg/png)?


program version 18.10.83
os Neon

I had no errors, but few have reported some font problems, so this might be the same as this:

What language are you using? Also, explain what your screen shots show. Are these images from PDFs produced by Manager or from a third-party PDF generator associated with using the Print button? Can you also post screen shots of the same things as they appear in a normal onscreen view?


Yes, by Manager, via this:

And this is how it looks on screen side to side to defected. It is the same file original (on right) and defect, sent me over on left:

Need to say, that this problem comes from those who are using Macs, I am Linux user and I had no problems on any of my machines (Linux machines), but as soon as I send anything to someone on Mac/Apple, I got back complains about this mess. They do not print on their PC’s, they just get information from me in PDFs.
Cannot tell anything about Win.


Well, I’m on a Mac, using macOS v10.14 and Manager v18.10.82. I see nothing of this kind when generating PDFs using the PDF button.

@Solnce any chance you could send me your backup file to ? I will need to be able to reproduce this issue locally.

Sent, thanks.