Generating new invoice from billable time needs to show line description

Upgraded to 21.4.60 today.

Editing an invoice no longer shows the description field. This is a huge problem when using the billable time module as the description is the only clue what the date of the line item or the project of the line items is.

By any chance have is the box Line description unclicked?

You are correct, when generating billable time, I think Line Description field should be checked by default. I will need to fix this but for now, just check Line Description field manually on sales invoice. This will reveal Description column on line items.

@lubos @Joe91

Yes you are correct. The line description checkbox, when checked, restores the needed field to the editing pane.

Thanks for your prompt response!

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Fixed in the latest version (21.4.62)

@lubos, I am not sure I see the necessity for this in the first place, since users will quickly adapt to the need for checking the box, and the same can be set up under Form Defaults.

But if you think it makes sense for billable time, doesn’t the same logic apply to billable expenses?

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