General Ledger Report Error when downloading PDF or sending as Email

When I download the General Ledger report as a PDF or email it I get the following error:

I am using Cloud Edition, please assist.

How long is this report? What if you try to generate the report for shorter period to reduce the number of pages?

Not sure how I can see how long the report is, but it is definitely a long report of a few pages.

Will try cutting it in half.

I have now split the General Ledger into 3 sections of 4 Months each.

Meaning I will have to split it even further the more transactions we do in future.

Would be nice to have everything in one document for the date range to make it easier for the auditor.

Is there any other solution for this?

you are responding to a three year old topic. are you getting the same error as the OP?

I am running an old version. Sorry.

so obviously the solution would be to update to the latest version of Manager. all discussions and solutions on the forum will be based on the latest version available for download.