Report run off of letter size page

I have selected Letter size on email settings but reports still do not fit on page. Is it possible to give wider left and right margins to allow reports to fit on USA letter size page?

Your question is not clear. Wider margins would mean less content can fit on the page. Manager picks up the paper size from email settings, as you seem to know. Speaking generally, you can add columns (possibly forever) if all you want is to view them on screen. That was in response to users who want to look at complex reports. Eventually, though, you run out of room. Columns become too narrow to accommodate readable text and columns shift to additional pages. So you have to exercise some care when defining complex reports.

What report are you having trouble with?

All of them - Attached is PDF of P/L stmt. I could print in landscape mode, but that is waste of paper and a format I don’t normally use.

If you responded through email, you need to understand that attachments do not upload to the forum. You should respond directly on the forum web site and upload images there.

Attached is a scan

of P&L Report

What version number are you using? This format looks quite outdated. Also, can you post a screen shot of the Edit screen for this report?