Reports bug


I have been trying to download multiple location report. It shows perfectly fine on manager but when I download pdf, the entire format changes.

It comes like this. Pls advise how can I fix this.

Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get program. The screen view renders HTML. PDFs are created by a separate PDF generator. So you should not expect agreement.

It also appears you may have too many locations to fit on the display. And it looks like you may be viewing this on a phone or tablet. Manager is not designed for mobile devices.

I generated it from the laptop and its regardless the same. Its cool…I’m not expecting anything, was just asking if there is any way to fix it. If there is not, its alright. No issues…

Screenshot 2020-10-25 183305

Then you need to show a shot of the entire Manager window and/or PDF. It is not possible to diagnose format problems by seeing only part of a view. In your first post, you said, “It comes like this.” That suggested you were showing everything in the PDF.

By that, I meant Manager is not designed to run on mobile devices. The cloud edition can be accessed by any device with internet capability. But you are not running the program on the device.

This is not a mobile issue. It’s general issue when trying to generate PDF for report that has too many columns to physically fit on a sheet of paper.

To solve this, Manager will need to offer another layout that can show the report with so many columns in another way.