Invoice date defaults to wrong date

since today, using cloud version 19.10.13, when creating new sales invoices, the invoice date defaults to 28/01/2018 instead of today’s date (10/10/2019).
Anyone seen the same?

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This is probably because you have it set in Form Defaults. Delete the date there and click Update. The program will default to the current date. If you reopen Form Defaults, the current date will show. Ignore that. Whatever you do, do type or enter today’s date, as that will override the default condition of “current” date.

For selected date fields it’s no longer possible to set empty value for date. This was to solve unrelated issue but as a side-effect I just realized it broke form defaults. Thus this is a bug.

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Fixed in the latest version (19.10.15) so it doesn’t happen to new users but if you are already affected, in the latest version, go to Form Defaults, click Edit on affected form default and then Update button. This will fix form default so it will come up with current date by default.

Solved! Thank you!