For sending emails, custom SMTP now required

@Robojock don’t worry about static IP address as all your emails are sent through Outlook servers. So what you need is just:

v=spf1 -all

Do you know how to set up SPF record on your domain name?

It is already included. If i use option 2 my mails go to junk/spam folder of the recipient.

My business domain is hosted at Bluehost. They require port 465 for SSL/TLS or 26 (without SSL/TLS).

Will either of these ports be made available in the drop-down list box in email config in Manager? Thanks.

@Robojock TTL is set to 1 hour. Did you wait for at least 1 hour since setting up the record to test?

@finlander Unfortunately only port 587 is supported. In this case you can sign up for free account with or and use their SMTP server. I will be publishing tutorial for both services today.

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Lubos, those records where setup about 12 hours ago.

ugh, sendgrid might not be a viable option. The incoming mail server at Bluehost blocked the test message sent through the sendgrid SMTP relay. Other IMAP servers will surely also block sendgrid SMTP relay.

I’ll try mailgun, but they require credit card data as a way of preventing abuse of their systems (no CC charge if usage is less than 10,000 mails/month).

550 "JunkMail rejected - []:44117 is in an RBL on, see Blocked - see"

Update: I’m just going to use my home ISP for now. I have 587 option with them and very low volume of emails for the foreseeable future.

Port: 587
Username: (your Office365 username)
Password: (your Office365 password)

the office365 setup as suggested by @lubos works for me. thanks

It works yes, only if you are one user. If you are more than one user then no it is not practical. @lubos is it possible to add that every user who uses manager to add there own user name and password for the smtp? So if user “A” has a office365 license and also uses manager they can add their username and password and everytime they send a mail from manager it will be from them.

The solution to your challenge will be to create a generic email for your company/business e.g and use it to setup your custom SMTP. With this you will not need to create individual emails for all the workers in the business and you can assign all outgoing emails to this email address. It will still look professional. You can even use a more appropriate one like or

I do NOT want to create a generic email address, i already have a domain name ( as my email address which i have been using for years using office365. smtp through office works hence my request to add it per user on manager and NOT globally. Unless @lubos can give me a different solution to solve my problem.

Okay then research a bit more on that and set the SMTP up yourself using the protocols(settings) for your own host servers.

No that will not work for me.

@Robojock I’m not familiar with Office 365 but I think the easiest way would be to create new user within your domain name such as and use credentials of that user in Manager.

Usually email providers do allow to create users with out mailbox so you don’t have to pay for such user.

edit: ok, it looks like Office 365 doesn’t allow to get such a mailbox for free - see

@lubos, for every user on office365 i have to pay an additional licence. So i have 5 users i pay for 5 licences. There is a shared mailbox option which does not require a licence, but it does not have login details either. I can only allow users to access that mailbox and if said mailbox receives mail they read and reply to it.

@Robojock thanks for the information and it confirms what I found myself. If you don’t want to pay for extra user then another option is use free tier of or

Would it not be possible to add an option to manager where for every user using manager i add their login details of office365?

A generic email address – in order to use the SMTP outgoing mail server of that address – will not show as the “from” address if you don’t want it to show as the from address. The “from” address (and “from” name) are going to be whatever you put in the top two fields of Manager’s Email Settings config page.

So you put your existing, professional from-address and from-name in the Manager settings, and then use the outbound SMTP server of whatever email address will allow it, such as your home ISP or a gmail address or whatever (or mailgun or sendgrid SMTP relays, but my test with sendgrid got blocked by incoming mail server of the message’s recipient, due to sendgrid’s SMTP server being on blacklists because spammers use it).

The only reason I wasn’t able to configure Manager in a new “proper and normal” way, with my business’ domain SMTP server, is because my business’ domain host (Bluehost) doesn’t use port 587. If Manager ever adds port 465 as an option in email settings config, then I will be able to send mail out from Manager through my domain’s own SMTP server.

Update: If you host at Bluehost, you have to use as your SMTP setting in Manager (to use port 587), not the typical SMTP name (that works for ports 465, 26, etc.), where NNNN is the box number that your Bluehost account is hosted on.

Do not expect this to happen. Port 465 is not supported by the .NET framework, which Manager uses.

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hello I tried to configure my SMTP with Gmail I followed all the steps like this in your tutorial but it does not work … when setting up the email in Manager I receive this message or the client is not not authenticated. the server response was 5.7.0 must first issue a STARTTLS command. i17sm77 … i am not an expert computer