Footers Placement

I know its only new but can we put the text in the middle of the page I have it in the middle of the footer box . but that does not come through to the invoice its all on the left hand side.
I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or Lubos has not got that far in to developing it yet

enclose within < center >…< /center > tags.

Thank you very much I could not get it to work for all the text so looked it up and I used

My policy is not to file unless invoice is paid

Please make payments

And use your Invoice number as a reff number

Once I have filed your returns I will give you a bound set of year end Reports


And that worked.

Exciting stuff now all I need to be able to do is the header . Hope fully we can do the same HTML because I have my logo the width of invoice in the background. Then I can get rid of themes.
@lubos you rock!!!