Headers like Footers

I’m starting a new business and I am trying to avoid any Obsolete Feature, ie Themes.

I’ve always used the Payment output as a payment disposal letter that I have to send to my bank by law. In my letter, under the acutal headers, through a custom theme, I usally display some text that I used to put inside a custom field.

@lubos: Would it be possible to have something equal to a Footer in the area between the document header and the table that contains the lines of the transaction? ie, displaying a Footer in the area in red

You can use the description box (general description box), it always appears above the box. Why isn’t that sufficient?

The description box, as you call it, is part of the transaction and appears in the general ledger transaction. What it’s inside the red box, like for a footer, it is something that is not relevant under an accounting point of view and should only be part of the printed document.

I think that if we want to remove Themes @lubos should complete the transition.

I agree with you. I have my logo spread behind all the text in the header and I have other things in my header . So would definitely need to have a header like the footer . I am not looking forward to the day themes go as in the beginning I designed my invoice theme and have used it since

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