Append static content to views using "Footers"

The latest version (22.7.27) is adding Footers to Settings tab.


This allows you to create pre-defined content that can be appended to transaction view screens. For example empty signature fields, bank details, terms & conditions and other static content.

Go to Settings, then Footers, then Sales Invoices then click New Footer.

Fill out the details and click Create button.


When creating new invoice, you can select your new Footer


Which will then show the footer on the printed document.

You can have multiple footers on the single document.


Can be presented as this:

And you can use HTML in your footers too.

Footers can be currently created for these screens:

  • Sales Invoices
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Quotes
  • Credit Notes
  • Delivery Notes
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Quotes
  • Debit Notes
  • Goods Receipts

I’m aware this issue was previously solved using custom fields but custom fields should be used to capture data. Not to inject static content into presentation.

Footers will be doing much more in the future because I’d like custom themes to be used less. Also footers are going to be important building block for localizations too.


Thanks, great improvement over using custom fields or as we did tinkering with the theme to get this done.

FYI, the footer didn’t appear until I’d made my existing custom field inactive. I first thought both would appear, but it’s probably better this way.

EDIT: Cancel that comment for now, I am using a custom theme.

EDIT2: Having issues with the no footer on custom theme, having duplicated Plain to new theme. Will post screenshot later, as am a bit short of time now. Apologies

@lubos Thanks, very nice addition.

i notice in this update without check box of description in the invoice the description will appear near the item and the footer will appear in the invoice.
to hide the description from the invoice i should check box of the Legacy layout but the footer will not appear in the invoice.

@albaik3 Legacy layout will be removed soon. Any reason you still need to be using this option?

in the invoice it should showing product code, description, ctn, unit price & total.
this will be showing only if i use the check box of legacy.
without use the check box in the item will show not only the product code there will be the product code plus the full description of the product and the invoice will show not professional.

Is it possible to add page numbers(dynamic- with increment of 1 for every new page) to the footer?

This issue is not related to this topic however go to edit your inventory item and check:

Hide item name on printed documents


Many thanks and i am thankful for this information

Footer with Plain theme

Edit to change theme

No footer on Custom theme

I can confirm that it only works with the new and hidden built-in (also Plain?) theme. It doesn’t work in a copy of the Plain theme, nor in custom themes.

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@lubos Thanks,

Awesome. Thank you for this addition in standard theme.

We built custom themes for our sales invoice and payslips, to print footers. Now we can stop using atleast one custom theme.

Looking forward to having footer option on all output documents.

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Dear @lubos Thanks for this functionality.

My Question is, Will it also support Liquid Variables inside the footers Content?

In my case i was using Custom themes to get the Balance payable using Variables and generate the Dynamic UPI Payment QR code and was getting displayed in footer session.

Please try and let us know.

I tried HTML works Liquid Variables not working, codes are getting displayed.

Here’s my output. Everything in same footer

Well, @hmdaadil, you have your answer. It was what I suspected, but did not know. Although similar in some ways, Liquid is not HTML.

@hmdaadil mind the topic title. It clearly says:

Append static content to views using “Footers”

Static means that the content you put in there doesn’t change in response to variables. What you’re trying to do is to get dynamic content and that’s not possible.

I have also tried it on a custom theme but the footer details are not showing.