Footer text for invoice template

I have a problem when sending customer an invoice where label (Fully paid) is.

We need footer text company info on that document to. Maybe adding an check/unchecked option on invoice template so that we can choose where we want this text to show. We can’t email or print this without that footer info by the law.

This can be added, I’ll notify you here when done.

Thank you for understanding an quick respond to the problem.

I am still testing Manager and that’s one important point I didn’t remember because in our current accounting package the footer is automatic

We can’t charge interest on late/past-due accounts unless it’s stipulated on the invoice. Neither can we charge for NSF cheques for the same reason.

This feature has been added into the latest version (14.1.15)

Go to Settings, then Sales Invoice Template to set sales invoice footer.

Thank you this is great now.

Thank you very much.

This is longer the case… Footer / Notes is no longer at the bottom of the page.

Yeah, that field has been moved from Sales Invoice Template to the invoice form itself.

You can click set default link to set default notes for all new invoices.

Is there a way to move these notes to the footer of the page?
At the moment they currently sit by default above the payment terms which looks quite confusing?

OK well, invoice notes are not meant to serve as a footer. They are meant to be shown right after line items.

So default invoice template doesn’t really support footer. The only way to achieve footer is to develop custom HTML theme for invoicing or just wait a few weeks. There will be some improvements to default invoice template which will address this without necessity of developing custom HTML theme.

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Hi, Lubos! The link in this post doesn’t work anymore - could you update it?

Here is the new link: Guides | Manager

You will need to be familiar with HTML in order to do this though.

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Thank you!

This option is no longer available :frowning:

@flyingtrip, you are reading a four-year-old, obsolete topic. I am closing it, because nothing is applicable any longer. Custom text can be added via custom fields or custom themes.