First ever bank reconciliation

I have recently started using the program and have entered data from 2018 for July. I am migrating over from another program so I entered an opening balance of $478.96 in my cheque account before entering the months transactions. I am having difficulty completing my first reconciliation. I have attached a screen shot that shows that my ending balance of $972.69 which matches my ending as per bank statement (not uploaded, the balance was entered manually). I have read the guidelines and other posts in the forum but cannot work out where I am going wrong. Many thanks in advance.

Tried to snip and paste but didn’t work so uploaded a jpeg

you have not clearly explained what is going wrong?
please provide screenshot of your bank reconciliation entry.
bank reconciliation process is explained in the guide

also, why do you have only journal entries for bank transactions? there is seldom any use of journal entries in Manager. the credits and debits are managed by entering transactions in the Receipts & Payments tab. please read and understand the guides completely before using Manager for your business.

what version of Manager are you using?
Manager does not allow journal entries for bank accounts. so how did you make those transactions shown in your screenshot?

I have previously downloaded Manager and now have updated it to the latest version. Still having difficulties reconciling but will work on your suggetions. Thanks

@Cate, to enter bank account transactions you need to activate under 0 Customise " (below Settings) the 0 Bank tab and 0 R & P tab tabs. Once you have done this, then you create your actual bank Accounts under the 0 Bank tab.

Then you can enter your transaction under either tab. As mentioned by @sharpdrivetek, you can’t use Journal Entries for Bank or Cash account transactions. Please read the Guides.