Fields of batch create and update is not same order

The fields of Batch customers invoices is not same order for create and update,
this is last update.

So what? The program uses data according to column headings. That is why they must be included when pasting back into the batch operation window. The program needs different data when creating and updating.

I create more than 20 invoices at once, and I used to do these steps to save time.
1- copy of a previous customer invoice from( batch update)
2 - Delete the invoice key in excel
3- I fill in the rest of the invoices in excel for (batch create)
After this update, my problem became the order of the columns of the fields in excel is not the same between batch create and batch update.

Your workflow was obviously not future-proof. Nor would it be if the current column order were changed, because database structure will continue to change with future program developments. When the program was simpler, there was more commonality between the database and input forms. Potential solutions are simple, though.

When you have a group of invoices to create, follow these steps:

  1. Create the first invoice, either manually, by cloning, or copying another invoice.
  2. Clone that invoice as many times as necessary, editing necessary details on the clones as you go. This may seem like more work, but it really isn’t. You would have to enter all the modified data in your spreadsheet before pasting it into the batch operations window. Now you will just be entering the data in a different place.

Another solution is:

  1. Enter a single invoice
  2. Clone it X times.
  3. Then use Batch Update to modify the X invoices just cloned. With this approach, you are making all the edits in the spreadsheet, just as you do now. And you won’t need to use Batch Create at all.

The choice of approaches, that is, which is easiest will depend on the nature of your invoices.

There is still more work to be done on batch operations and you will see things getting better soon. I agree that order of the columns should be consistent.


Thank you for this help and support