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@Tut @Buettel2

First of all Im really happy that someone produced such a brilliant software, and the major part being how easy it is to import data.

When updating I follow below steps,
01 - Enter a few entries
02 - Than I click to “update batch” and copy the clipboard to excel, and after pasting, I add “one extra row” after that,

03 - Than I click to “create batch” and copy the clipboard and paste after that “one extra row”

04 - And following the steps, I paste all data column by column.

However, all was well untill I faced an unusual problem when importing receipts,

When I click to batch update and past on excel, the lines seem to be scattered and extended, data is not column by column heading wise,

The date is showing in 3 columns and the BankAccount ID is broken in parts,

Therefore, need help in this regard

the workflow you have explained for Batch Update is not correct. there is no Batch Create function when updating an existing list.
please follow the instructions exactly as described under the batch update heading in the guide Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager

i would recommend that you undo everything from the History tab and then update again.

Basically im folowing all the proceedures, and thats why im able to import sales, purchases, customers, vendors

Now Im importing Cash Receipts & Payments,

So for cash receipts, when I paste on excel after clicking clipboard for batch update, the data pasted seems wrong, you can see in the above given picture, see how date column is pasted as separate day, month, year similarly other columns are also like this in the end.

Dont know why this is hapening, everything was imported and no problem occurred until this.

what version? edition? OS?
i cannot reproduce any such issues in version 21.10.6 on Windows10