Batch update does not list the data in correct location


I normally use batch update for my data. last time it works well and help a lot.
Now, the data becomes not in correct colum. when i copy and paste, the “key” for example is located under line2 now.

take the correct batch data?

thank you


You always need to show us screenshots that illustrate your issue in more details.

Here is the screenshot

HasLineDescription QuantityColumn UnitPriceColumn Discount DiscountType AmountsAreTaxExclusive FixedTotal FixedTotalAmount CustomTheme AutomaticReference HasReceiptCustomTitle ReceiptCustomTitle ShowTaxAmountColumn HasReceiptFooters CustomFields.eb4dbd4ce58c459e8a3ea34bc8c32485 CustomFields.33663e4380134442ab1ce7bcededf604 CustomFields.78895a03ada04816a7fc5ddec121ec96 CustomFields.afd8632783614bf0ac4012be37ae50e8 CustomFields.f6ef495efe2d4c86811fe03c5f7989db CustomFields.175b141d58f1402f9547e4d2c43088c1 Lines.2.Account Lines.2.LineDescription Lines.2.Qty Lines.2.SalesUnitPrice Lines.2.Amount Lines.2.CurrencyAmount Lines.2.DiscountPercentage Lines.2.DiscountAmount Lines.2.AccountsReceivableCustomer Lines.2.AccountsReceivableSalesInvoice Lines.3.Account Lines.3.LineDescription Lines.3.Qty Lines.3.SalesUnitPrice Lines.3.Amount Lines.3.CurrencyAmount Lines.3.DiscountPercentage Lines.3.DiscountAmount Key
FALSE FALSE FALSE 2023 Elvie 3 March 21b968ee-9837-4da1-a56e-c03fcbbe8c34 -111000 ab7b2f71-7f69-4115-ab53-5c8c3ceff60b
FALSE FALSE FALSE 2023 Elvie 2 February 26,000,000 Feb Sales
1,450.000 Mar Sales
d1489e95-bb28-4f5d-b42e-67d3291b3893 1450000 de242f30-5d1b-46aa-aada-d682b6ffd1e3 321af7ba-19ef-4873-a789-1a363f27a9c5 21b968ee-9837-4da1-a56e-c03fcbbe8c34 -444175 2a778744-3ffd-4c76-a74d-ae97b38f983e
FALSE FALSE FALSE 2023 Elvie 3 March 21b968ee-9837-4da1-a56e-c03fcbbe8c34 -202850 426725c2-a6e8-4dca-a95c-bf23447db1b4
FALSE FALSE FALSE 2023 Elvie 3 March 21b968ee-9837-4da1-a56e-c03fcbbe8c34 -237496 d6c75bc2-e160-4c45-a1c1-89bd154423dc
FALSE FALSE FALSE 2023 Elvie 2 February 21b968ee-9837-4da1-a56e-c03fcbbe8c34 -1200 7416a8bb-c18a-4d4c-9cfc-1fde0b2fade4
FALSE FALSE FALSE 2023 Elvie 2 February 21b968ee-9837-4da1-a56e-c03fcbbe8c34 -4125 3fa5e7ef-b99f-4fb9-bda7-c90a76066716
FALSE FALSE FALSE 2023 Elvie 2 February 21b968ee-9837-4da1-a56e-c03fcbbe8c34 -50200 2002e786-751f-40e9-8797-7d32601194a7
FALSE FALSE FALSE 2023 Elvie 2 February 21b968ee-9837-4da1-a56e-c03fcbbe8c34 -2400 33f06c22-0143-46cf-bdce-75c84aee4d61

What’s the source of this data?

Is it from a spreadsheet or is it from Copy to Clipboard inside Manager?

That is not a screen shot, @Elvie_Periscilla_Eli. That is a table you created in the composing pane of the forum. It is useless for answering your question.

Yes, copy to clip board

@Tut , not everyone like you are able to do IT fast, i am an accounting background no an it background. and i have tried to screenshot the data but it seems too large and difficult to see. so i copy paste the last of the table.

in update batch → i have copy to clipboard to take the same data as for my sample. and here you go

it becomes like that.

normally from batch update, i copy to clip board for me to get the sample of the transaction. then i create the same thing to add other data. Last time it works well.

Now, it shows as pic when i copy to clip board. When i test to generate one transactions or update 1 data, the transaction exist but no data input inside. it states uncategorized receipt.

Your last post reveals your problem. You cannot add new records with Batch Update. The reason is you cannot generate a key. So nothing is added. You need to use Batch Create.

However, given your admission that you lack IT skills, I strongly recommend you not use batch operations at all. Those are intended for skilled users, because so many things can go wrong and you require considerable IT skills to use them successfully.

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We have to input more than 200 same transactions every month and it will be more in the future. only the amount is different from every transactions. it saves our time alot when i use this batch update. i have done it before. just this time, i dont know why, the batch update cannot be used anymore as when i copy and paste, the data location not in correct place. for example year in custom field list under discount.

You may think you did it in the past, but you did not. It has never been possible to add transactions using Batch Update. You simply cannot do it. I already explained why not.

How i did last time as bellow:

  1. Select the voucher no that i will do same transactions
  2. Go to Batch Update → Copy to Clip Board
  3. Paste to excel
  4. add same transaction then change the amount per each transaction, reference no, etc.
  5. go to batch update and copy paste the data
  6. click next. it will appear in the bottom and i can check all the transaction before upload.

now even

  1. copy to clip board from batch update.
  2. copy that clip board to batch create, then i change the ref number. but still it wont show the new transaction. just 1 transaction will appear.

What you were doing before was re-entering the same transaction over and over again, then effectively editing that same transaction. The program would actually think all of those transactions were the same one because they would have the same key. I can only guess what kind of problems that would cause. But I seriously doubt that the resulting records would be accurate. I strongly urge you to give up trying to reproduce that behavior.

Oh ok, the key, i forgot to remove. thx

As @Tut explained to add your 200 new records you need to use Batch Create not Batch Update.

yes, i use batch create. but i take 1 transaction as a sample in batch update → copy and paste to spreadsheet and follow the list based on the transaction sample. just the amount and date that i change.
now it does not work anymore.

Currently i copy paste the sample from batch update, paste directly to batch create do the changes as well as remove the key. I can add the transactions but some transactions are missing. i need to look though which reference gone.

too bad, i still need to input another 400 same transactions. just different on the date and amount.

The steps that should work:

  1. Select the invoices you want to create
  2. Click Batch Update
  3. Copy to Excel (paste from cell A1)
  4. Scroll to the Key column (is at the end)
  5. Delete the Key column
  6. Make sure to widen the now last column width to ensure you will later be able to exactly grab the right content to copy and paste back.
  7. Make the changes you want to make
  8. Go back to Manager and now click on Batch Create
  9. Go to Excel and carefully select all the columns and its data and click Copy
  10. Go to Manager Paste it into the text field (step 3 in Manager Batch Create process)
  11. Click on Next
  12. Click on Batch Create

@Elvie_Periscilla_Eli, you have changed your story about your actions. That is disrespectful of other forum members, because it wastes their time as they respond to your non-existent situation. Please be courteous enough to confine yourself to your actual experiences.

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@Tut , i never change my story. i do the same process from the beginning.

I normally take the sample from batch update → copy and paste to batch create (last time to spreadsheet). Then i use batch create to input other new transactions same as showing from batch update as i do not know how to fill in the table by myself if i dont take from batch update.

When i inform you that it is only appear 1 transaction even though i generate 2 or 3 transactions, it is because of the key. it is correct. i forgot to delete the key.

but now i found out that not all transactions will be recognized. for example, from 148 transactions that i use for batch create, there are 37 transactions missing that i need to input again.

last time with the spreadsheet is better.

but when

maybe you can try it yourself

I am sorry, but you did. The title of this thread is “Batch update does not list the data in correct location.” Your first sentence in your first post says, “I normally use batch update for my data.” Everyone responding did so with that in mind.

Not until post #11 did you first mention Batch Create. That is a major change in your description of what you were doing. That is what wasted everyone’s time.

No one else can “try” your data. All I can say is that batch operations work correctly. @eko has explained what you should be doing.

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