Field naming suggestion in payments and receipts


Under piment and receipts the naming is unclear. There are 2 fields with “Description” although they have different functionality and the same goes for “Account”. Pease see image below.

While both Account fields share a name, only predefined bank/cash accounts or accounts from the chart of accounts can be selected in either. So there is no possibility of mistakes being made.

Description fields are used in many different ways by users. Both are entirely optional. Giving more detailed names would potentially mislead those who use them one way to believe they must use them for another.

I can see that you don’t want to “lock” in people in the names. For me it would be easier to have different names so that I can remember where they go and see it in the manual.

What “manual” are you referring to?

I was referring to the guides my mistake. Are the guides searchable?

Only by title on the index page currently. A content search capability might be added in the future.

There is a pdf version of the guides that may help.
Not sure how often it will be updated but I’m sure @lubos will be on top of it.

The index is ‘clickable’ and you can use the adobe reader search as well.

Thanks @lubos

Once per day.

Has been added now (top-right corner when viewing guides)

Great news! Thanks!