Payments format


In the Payments/Receipt mode, is there a way to customize the format to show both Account and Description:
-currently only one can be selected.

Search the forum for Edit Columns

Tried… it works but not when you View the individual payment voucher.

Indeed, column information is not necessarily part of view options. It is there to help sorting/finding entries.

@davenah In case it is crucial for you to have both account and description printed, you can create a Text Custom Field like Notes or Details with placement: Payment - Line & Receipt - Line (checking also the option “Show custom field on printed documents”).
Then, you can complete this field (instead of Description) and have the result you like.

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Is this the only workaround for showing descriptions in payments? I’ve just tried this and although the payment screen has more detail when printed, the custom field isn’t carried through into the GL screen.

I have resorted to Journal Entries for petty cash claims because I need to print both account and descriptions, which aren’t available on on payments or expense claims.

Of course I’ll be happy to hear I’m doing it completely wrong and there is a third option. :smile:

You are doing something wrong as journal entries can not be used to record transactions in a properly setup cash or bank account

I am not clear about what you are doing. For petty cash you should follow the guides at Set up a bank or cash account | Manager

You need to create a separate cash account called petty cash and do normal payment and receipt transactions with it.

@pau, it is not clear what you mean by this. There is nothing in Manager called the “GL screen.” What are you referring to? If you are referring to the tab listing, a custom field can be made to show using the Edit Columns feature (after a custom field has been placed on the relevant transaction type).

(Manager Desktop v

Edit screen using a petty cash account transaction.

Viewing the petty cash payment screen - using a description hides the account details

A similar transaction done with a Journal Entry - both account and description are shown.

Because we need to print the petty cash payment entry and attach to the collection of receipts as well as share the payment entry with management it is very helpful to see both the account as well as the description.

@pau, you did not answer my question.

One potential solution to your problem is to use the summary-level Description for the transaction to record what was purchased, such as “Coffee and petrol.” Leave the line item descriptions blank, and the program will substitute the account name, because it requires something by which to identify the line item.

I don’t think you can expects much further help when you misuse the program by recording cash transactions using journal entries, as both @Joe91 and @eko have already told you. And you sacrifice all the built-in reporting capabilities of a properly set up cash account.

Apologies @Tut,

By GL screen I actually just meant the list of transactions one sees when generating a general ledger transaction list. Misusing terminology as well as the program :joy: . The custom fields don’t show up, while the journal and normal payment descriptions do.


Frequently we have petty cash claims which run over 2 pages once printed, all transactions for relatively small amounts, so it helps having a description next to each line item.

In previous times our petty cash claims were processed separately, say in a spreadsheet, then signed off by someone before being captured into the accounting package. I don’t like this method as it is double the work, and also means there are additional opportunities to make mistakes.


Did you try the Bank Account Summary for Petty Cash account?

The Bank Account summary doesn’t have the detail I would like.

How can there be a clearing account in a petty cash account?

I agree, but I’m showing different methods of capturing petty cash costs, so just using one for the journal entry to compare with a normal payment. This is just a dummy company. Some staff have a petty cash float where the payment to them balances with the value of the invoices.