New Drop Down Box for the Description Field

I am very happy with all the enhacemants to the Manager Program so far. Could we please have a drop down box for the Description field in Receipt & Payments feature so as to minimise keystrokes when enterering large amounts of data in your business or personal Accounts similar to what we have for Payees.Field
Thank you for your assistance.

What do you propose be included in this drop down box? You cannot have a dropdown without defining the options.

By the way, there is no such box for payees. What you see are auto fill suggestions.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Sorry, I meant to say an auto suggestion drop down box. Could we have this facility for the description feature.
Thank you for any help in this area. Keep up with all your good work. It is all greatly appreciated.

I believe the thinking on that is that there could be so many possibilities among previous descriptions the feature would be useless.

Then if I am having descrptions which are repetiftive I have tried using a Bank Rule but this would not work as it would not allocate my transaction to the relative suspense Account. Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem… Also wondering why there are two description fields in Receipts & Payments to be filled in. I mention that I am posting manual transactions from my shopping or Bank vouchers etc into Manager. I do not import my Bank Statements.

Thank You

As explained in the guide Record a receipt | Manager