Description field - bank account


Would it be easy to allow the description field to have a drop-down list of previously entered descriptions please?


Not sure about this. I always thought of descriptions as something that should be manually typed out so descriptions are unique and meaningful. Thoughts?


I have a window cleaner and a carpet cleaner as clients and the bank payment descriptions are virtually the same year in and year out. At the moment I go to a previous entry and copy/paste but having a drop-down list would help. I am no understander of programming and thought it might be relatively simple to incorporate. Thanks


Any further thoughts from you on this. I have just taken on another new customer where the bank payments descriptions will be repetitious. Looks like it’s the small sole trader businesses that are like this. Thanks.


There is a clone function when viewing payments/receipts, wouldn’t it be enough? If there is similar transaction, you can simply find it using filter, then clone it. This way you don’t have to repeat amounts, account names, payee, description etc.


Didn’t know clone function was there. Will give it a go and see if it helps. Thanks.


I have given the clone function a fair trial. Finding previous entry, view, clone and fill in fields is good.

I then have to go “bank accounts”, “select account” before finding next entry.

Is there any way of returning to the bank account automatically as this becomes tedious when there are quite a few entries.

Or back to my original query - could the description field pull up previous descriptions?


Thanks for the feedback. Navigational issue will be solved by breadcrumbs which is upcoming usability enhancement sometime next month.