Tidy up Transactions and Uncategorised Transactions

Please can the Edit Transactions and Uncategorised Transactions be improved.

At present on the Edit Transaction page:

  1. The Payee is displayed as Payer
  2. The are two Description boxes- a general and specific with each additional line.
  3. A notes box.
    As a simple home user, I find these confusing, especially when it comes to importing statements, setting up bank rules eg.

With regard to Uncategorised Transactions, there is a column labelled Contact, Would it not better be labelled Payee?

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That is because the transaction you show is a receipt. If it were a payment, the same field would be labeled Payee.

Yes, just as on every other transaction form in Manager. On transaction lists, the contents of this column is the summary-level description. That is consistent, as the other is at the line item level, which is not displayed on transactions lists.

Your Notes box is a custom field. You can delete it under Custom Fields in Settings, assuming you have not used it on any transactions.

Contact is used throughout the program on drill-down transaction lists, because all these are displayed with the same code. Some places, this is a payee, others a payer, sometimes a customer, elsewhere a supplier. Contact does not conflict with any field or variable name and covers them all.

Thanks for clarifying things for me, Tut. Have a nice weekend.