Summary-level Description field not copied from some transaction forms

A little bug? When i copy a sales order to a purchase order the “main” description in not copied from the sales order to the purchase order and left blank.

what version of Manager are you on?

the latest version 18.5.39 does not have any option to copy from Sales Orders to Purchase Orders. and i do not remember Manager ever having that option.

if you are copying to Purchase Invoice, then what you say is true. the description does not get copied over. this is because the sales order is an internal document and the description does not necessarily show on your supplier’s invoice. the purchase invoice can be a copy of your purchase order and not your sales order.

Version 18.5.36

I will now install the latest version.

Just tested the latest version and it’s the same.

sorry my mistake. i did not have the Purchase Orders tab enabled. :smile:

I can see no reason that the summary Description field should not carry over on a Copy to operation. In most cases, elsewhere in the program, it does. The 5 exceptions I find are:

  • Sales Quotes—shows as Optional on new purchase orders; nothing for new purchase invoices
  • Sales Orders—shows as Optional on new purchase orders; nothing for new purchase invoices
  • Debit Notes—shows as Optional on new goods receipts

I am moving this topic to the bugs category and changing its subject to be more informative.

Fixed in the latest version (18.5.49)