Customer Statements (Unpaid Invoices)

I’ve small suggestion/Idea.

While generating report for un-paid invoices, we only have one option “Set date” instead there should be option like “From” & “To”. Sometimes I need to generate monthly report & I do it manually using copy-paste to excel.
Please let me know if we can achieve such report using custom reports.
Thank you.


Such a change would be contrary to the purpose of the report. An unpaid invoice is an unpaid invoice, regardless of when it was created. It makes no sense to me that you only want customers to pay invoices from a certain period. Why don’t you want the customers to pay all their outstanding invoices according to the payment terms established?

Whatever your reason, have you looked at Customer Statements (Transactions)?

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My customer need list of monthly statement so he clear all at the end of the every month. Customer Statements (Transactions) will solve my need. Thank you for your help.