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Dear Manager Community,

I am an accountant. I am so impressed by Manager. and I want to thank the great developer behind it for the wonderful work done.

I tried to convince companies that I deal with to install Manager. and installed Manager in one of them. but I found one important issue stopping them from adopting it which is the detailed customer report. since in the business culture in my county customers frequently requests this report.

so I request from you to help me building custom report nearly the same as the available report “Customer detailed Statements (Transactions)” but the details of the invoices show also on it. this will help me a lot to convince many companies to adopt Manager as their main accounting software.

Thanks in advance for your support
waiting to hear from you

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Have you tried building a custom report to do this yet? Please do not ask other forum members to do something you are unwilling to first try yourself. If you have problems, then ask specific questions. When you ask, show the definition of the custom report and the result. Tell how you want it to be different from what you have achieved.

Thanks @Tut for your reply.

Yes, I tried many many times but I didn’t succeed. so I asked the community to help me creating a custom report the same as “Customer detailed Statements (Transactions)” but including the details of the sales invoices.

I think this report will help many users. since I found it requested many times before in the community.

Dear @lubos I need your help, please

Then please do what I asked. Post a screen shot of the definition of the custom report that came closest to what you want, along with the result. You need to be a participant in the discussion if you want help.

Thanks @Tut for your reply.

I tried the following:

what I want is the below report with the details of the invoices & receipts:

Are you looking for a customer statement as in how much they have paid, been invoiced and what is outstanding or what do your customer’s use the report for?

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Thanks @dalacor for your reply.

I am locking form custom report the same as the available report “Customer detailed Statements (Transactions)” with the invoice details under each invoice (Item name, unit, price, the quantity bought and amount)

hope that you will be able to help me.

Oh I see - you need the details underneath as well. Not something I can advise on as I have never actually used the custom reports as yet.

The only thing that I can suggest is to look at the guides to see if there is anything there that might help indicate where the problem is.

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Many thanks, @dalacor for your help. I reviewed a lot of guides and searched the forum many times but I didn’t find what I want.

because of that, I requested help here.

@aamra, here are some quick thoughts:

  • Your report does not include customer among your selected items.
  • You have not included quantity.
  • The sales price is only the price defined for the item, not the price at which you sold it. (That amount is not exposed currently for custom reports.)
    *You have left second tier fields empty in your filtering that cannot be empty.
  • You are ordering and grouping by variables you did not select.

I think if what is suggested here been implemented it would be a great upgrade for Manager. Here in Turkey people expect to see the details of the invoices in a customer statement report. Without the invoice details it is regarded as lacking info. An option to include details would be perfect.

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Hello. Have You created this report? Can You show it?

@aamra, here’s an attempt at your custom report. First a Customer Statement (Transactions) from a modified Northwind file for the customer Alfreds Futterkiste:

It is not possible to reproduce the running total, but the following custom report, as a supplementary statement, may be helpful:

The edit screen:

Because it does not show completely in the above, the Alias for the TransactionName is: Date<br>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Description - Reference - Date

Notes on the Where section:
For the custom report, data is needed from these accounts:
Cash at bank
Cash on hand
GST payable
Inventory - sales

The Where filter does not have “or” logic to get data only from the above accounts. So, “does not contain” is used to exclude other accounts and their unwanted data. Only you know your Chart of Accounts so if necessary exclude additional accounts by adding additional “does not contain” lines.

In the Where filter the line “Contact” is used to generate a report for a single customer. I’ve seen elsewhere that you have tried “Customer code”. That should work in place of Contact.

If you have multiple sales invoices to the same customer on the same day you may want to add another line to the “Group by” section:


Many thanks, @dcVest for your usual support.

I want to ask why some items have quantity and others not?

Most likely, you did not enter a quantity for that line item on the source transaction.

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