More Types of Reports

Hello Team Manager,
Would be great to have more types of Reports such as:-

Asset & Liabilities:-

Advanced Portfolio:

Asset Barchart:

Asset Piechart:

Average Balance:

Balance Sheet: This report summarizes assets, liabilities, and equity. When properly maintained, assets should equal the sum of liabilities and equity. If that is not the case, there is some kind of internal imbalance in the accounts.

General Journal:

General Ledger:

Investment Portfolio: This report summarizes the value of the stocks in the current portfolio.

Liability Barchart:

Liability Piechart:

Net Worth Barchart: Net worth is the difference between the value of assets or liabilities.

Net Worth Linechart: Net worth plotted over time. Net worth is the difference between the value of assets or liabilities.

Price Scatterplot:

General Reports:-

Account Summary:

Transaction Report:

Welcome Sample Report:

Custom Multicolumn Report: This report is used to place multiple reports into a single report window to examine a set of financial information at a glance.

Sample Graphs

Sample Report with Examples:

Income & Expense

The Income & Expense reports includes the Cash Flow and Income Statement reports.

Budget Report:

Cash Flow:

Equity Statement:

Expense Barchart:

Expense Piechart:

Expense vs Day of Week:

Income Barchart:

Income & Expense Chart:

Income Statement: This report summarizes sources of income and expenditure.

Income Statement:

Income vs Day of Week:

Trial Balance: This report summarizes sources of income and expenditure.

Business Reports

Customer Report:

Payable Aging:

Printable Invoice:

Receivable Aging:

Vendor Report:

We can almost find half of the reports in manager, the remaining can be added to boost the program’s capability. The above reports are active in GnuCash, which is also a open source accounting software which is too complicated to use.


i agree. my idea is report of tracking code. Last of the month we wanna see the salesperson’s performance and we are giving bonus. we have to calculate their sales


Yes, more reports are definitely needed: As simple as a Report showing the total Sales Payment per month and Accounts Payable Payment Report. These two are needed for Taxes payments at the beginning of the next month. Last month I had to add each transaction one by one. Maybe even just having a total at the bottom of the page when you chose a search for a particular client, supplier or month. Those totals would also help us know How much we’ve sold day by day.

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Just a report builder will be super great, so that we can build our own reports…

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I would second Marlene’s idea of a report builder or at the very least, the ability to use custom SQL queries outputting in tabular format which can then be exported for further analysis, charting etc.

The problem with asking for more specific reports is that there’ll always be another one required or someone will want a slight variant on an existing one. Report and SQL query builders would therefore be ideal.

Lubos, no comment regarding reports or a feature that adds or sums the transactions instead of adding one by one… Sent a request/comment on April 7th no answer yet.

I agree on all of the above. A report builder is a must

We are all waiting for the new APIs. Let’s see what they will bring us…