Mini Statement on Invoices

Dear Manager Team,
Please add Mini-statement option on invoices to show customers their previous and total current balance on the latest invoice.
It will be very helpfull, Thanks…

You should use a customer statement for this purpose. A sales invoice record within the database does not contain this information.

in this regard we have to print statement sperately everytime we ill give new invoice to customer, Will it be not good idea if invoice also show customers previous balance and total balance automaticly before the footer line on every new invoice generated…


That should be possible using Extensions.


True, this is available in most accounting programs.
Previous balance and current customer balance
I encourage that.

I’m very interested in seeing any contributions from experienced mebmbers to this request. :white_check_mark:


I also encourage the development of this extension .

I also support this.
The Customer and the seller knows where they are at the time of invoicing. And will eliminate a lot of work

Thanks to all for favouring my suggestion, I am using Manager for almost 2 years now as i started my new business after covid lockdown and i need this extension now as it will save lot of time and makes manager more reliable…

No, it would not. Even if this capability could be added with an extension (and I am not sure it could be), it would have no effect on the reliability of the program.

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@Tut @lubos here is an example of what i am trying to say about Mini Statement captured from my vendor’s invoicing software please review it…

I do not see what this adds to what we already have (edited figures, but this shows a series of payments made against and invoice and the outstanding balance).

It was already perfectly obvious what you are asking for, @Mighty_G. That is simply not the way Manager is designed. That was explained to you almost a year ago, when you first started this thread. And if you search the forum, you will discover statement invoicing has been discussed many, many times. I am closing this topic.