Time zone problem

Dear Admin Please find attached screen shot. We are from UAE and present time is GMT +4 and still 2 hours left of 25th August 2019. But in software data has already changed its showing 26th August 2019. All the vouchers are preparing 26th Aug.

Please resolve the issue at earliest.

Are you using the server edition or cloud edition?

Cloud Edition

We are using Cloud Edition

Two thoughts:

  1. It looks from your screen shot that you are using Manager via your smartphone. The system may be responding to the date/time base of your phone.
  2. You may be logged in as a restricted user without time zone setting permission, and the application is set up for a different time zone.

Whose Manager installation is this? Does it belong to your business, or are you logged into an account provided by a bookkeeping or accounting service provider?

I will mark this as a bug because timezone option has been removed to make things simpler and I thought replacement implementation should be “close enough” which apparently isn’t. I have another idea how to make it more accurate.


I am using the cloud version of manager in UAE.

Date changes on Invoice issued after 8:00 pm.

The issue started on 21 August 2019

Tech team can you please help.

The system time is correct, still the issue

Please support

as you can see this topic is already categorized as a bug.
it will be moved out from the bugs category following a notification from the developer once it is fixed.

@lubos this issue was reported a month ago.

Can you please help me with this all the date changes after 8 pm every day.


Dear Lobus,

I am still waiting for you response.

Appreciate if you help me the topic.

The issue has been fixed now. When creating new transactions, the software is now using web-browser time rather than server time to auto-fill today’s date.

Thanks Lubos

Really appreciate your help and support