Feature request : Credit debit column in Supplier & customer lists

Dear @lubos,

Can we please get the credit and debit columns in customer and supplier lists


In reports when we select the required period in customer statement and supplier payment, if we can see all the debit and credit columns of everyone it will be very easy for reference.

For example, in supplier statements

After opening any supplier by clicking view option

This option requested some time long back and solution given but now its not available


anyone support this?

This will help us for quick reference how much each customer took goods and how much they paid in selected period

1+ from me


Any comment on this @lubos

It will be very easy for reference purpose of we have debit credit columns in customer and supplier tab or customer statements and supplier statements report,

don’t want to drill down to each customer/supplier and calculate manually to find out how much credits and debits happened

It was implemented before and now it’s not available.

Please check into this feature

Thank you


I also facing the same issues with the customer statement, without the total at the bottom of the statement as well. Will it be implemented or revert it since this have done in version 16.1.40?


Can we get this feature mentioned in this post.

Thank you

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Hi @lubos

Can you please update us regarding this?

Can i at least get custom report code to get the credit and debits of all customers and suppliers in single view?

Totals on customer/supplier statements added to the latest version (18.1.75)


Can we also get credit and debit columns on customer & supplier Statements report as i mentioned on first reply on this post

@raj_nann, for the Unpaid invoices type of statement, your suggestion would not make sense, because all unpaid invoices are either debits or credits, according to whether the statement is for a customer or supplier. So the Total column already is the sum of one or the other. And the opposite would always be zero.

And you can sort the Transactions statement lists by clicking on the Balance heading to see which you need to pay attention to.

yes, I agree. Credit and debit column cant shown in unpaid invoices statements.

But its possible for the customer statement (transactions) .

Imagine if there are these columns In customerS statement (transactions) .
Opening Balance , Debits, Credits, Closing balance colums

Here , easily we can understand fe things with a simple glance

  1. Who all customers paid us this period? If any Debit column for any customer is Zero (0) or very less value means that particular customer didnt pay us or paid very very less in that period.

  2. How much did the customer paid in that particular period?

  3. For which customers we didnt sell anything at all in the period? by seeing any credit column for that customer is zero (0) or very less value means we didnt do good sales with that customer.

Same goes for supplier statement (transactions).

Thank you

This is the purpose of the Sales Invoice Totals by Customer report.