Detailed statment for customers and Suppliers

Currently Customer/Supplier statement shows description, credit and debit amounts only.
is it possible to add details of invoice.
lie sometime invoice have 6,7 items, in statement it just shows 1 line description, so for details we have to open invoice and check.
almost all other software has option to show invoice items on statements.

someone asked same question in 2016, but no proper solution was offered.

i hope @lubos will look into it.

i also checked custom reports, there is not option to print detailed of invoices in statements.

A customer or supplier statement is not meant to show every line on every invoice, credit note,

or debit note. It includes the total amounts of transactions. Statements also do not break out tax amounts, tax rates, discounts, quantities, unit prices, or line amounts. Nor do they show withholding or due dates. They are not meant to. They list debits and credits to a customer or supplier’s subsidiary ledger in Accounts receivable or Accounts payable.

You should not expect such an option. Custom reports are queries of the database. If you want, you can obtain every single transaction of any type, based on a wide range of variables, filters, and grouping and ordering instructions. But you need to build the query yourself. The feature is not intended to be a list of report features to select from a list.

i will wait for @lubos answer.

Dear Lubos, please check and consider it, if every other software has this option, why manager cannot have it.
please dont dismiss all suggestions/requirements, atleast you can have option for paid users to vote for update/options required.


This detailed (itemized) statement would be very useful. Though very rarely but yes, customers demand for it to include item(s) of the invoice(s) within the statement itself.


Yes I do need this feature also,

You could click the like (heart) button to support an idea, please read the forum FAQ at FAQ - Manager Forum . I This idea is 3 years old and really no need for your post.