Ability to rename columns on customer statements

Hi Lubos

I have 2 requests :

  1. Can the Total Dr and Cr be an optional item. Maybe a simple button that says show totals;
  2. Instead of Dr and Cr in the Balance column, simply display it with a negative when the it is in Cr.

Thank you

Customers can be confused by negatives in accounting. The fact is, the selection of whether debits or credits will be represented by negative numbers is a choice made by the system designer. There are systems that work both ways.

In most cases, the nature of amounts shown is clear from context, such as balance due on an invoice. But comparing balances due on otherwise identical purchase and sales invoices, most users would not be aware that in one case they are looking at a credit and the other a debit. Yet both are normally shown as positive numbers.

My apology as I don’t get the answer.

Is this something that Manager.IO as the system designer will keep as is or will it possible for the user to determine which approach to use. In a customer statement, I believe that it is more common to use negative numbers in the balance to reflect that the customer has a credit balance. At least, this is what I see in statements issued to me.

Thank you

No one can predict what the developer might do in the future. I can tell you, though, that the current format was developed because many users asked for things to be the way they now are.

@jhansrodgmail.com I think it’s OK to have preference for different layout. Bank statements used to be in Debit / Credit layout not long ago and it was confusing people because Debit from bank’s point of view is actually Credit from their customer point of view. For this reason, bank statements are now mostly using different terminology (e.g. Deposits / Withdrawals).

The same principle can be applied to customer / supplier statements. Some businesses prefer explicit Debit / Credit columns, some might prefer something less technical. Nothing wrong with that. I’ll put this into ideas category.

You know I just discovered by mistake that if you make all your entries in one column, say Dr column, enter Drs as (+) and Crs as (-) then the view mode will only show one column with (+)/(-).
So I think what you are asking for is already there.