Enhancement to supplier statements

Hi @lubos

I have found a need for transaction period supplier statements to have a total debits total credits to be shown preferably at bottom of listing . The running balance is helpful . But totals for period of time shown would be most helpful as to see total payments made to suppler in period shown and total purchase invoices processed. To have totals shown gives an instant visual on total payments made and total purchaes made.
Please add it to the list for ideas for consideration to enhance this already great feature.
Thank you.


I thought of suggesting the same thing recently :grinning:

This was actually part of Manager before, the functionality was lost when themes were added so this will have to be re-implemented in a new way.

If it can be done… Will be much appreciated. Thanks Lubos



This sounds very similar to something I would definitely appreciate: Just recently Government made update to the Monthly Purchase and Sales Report we have to submit and now we have to detail all our purchases for the month. Unless I am unaware, all I can see is the Supplier statement but that only shows the open balances. Under accounts payable it will show me either all the transactions for that supplier for the whole year or if I ask by month I will see all suppliers and not separately and with no totals. Is there a way right now to see the supplier payments by month by supplier or is this something you’d have to work on? Please advise. Happy Holidays!

When generating a statement, choose `Transactions’ as the type:

The best approach will depend on whether your business uses accrual or cash basis accounting, as well as the exact requirements for the government report. Does the tax authority actually need a supplier-by-supplier breakdown, or only the monthly amount of purchases. And do they require the amounts to show obligations (such as purchase invoices) or only actual payments (such as Spend money transactions)? Or does the tax filing depend on your method of accounting?
Whatever they want, there is a probably some combination of date range setting, sorting, and exporting that will produce what you need.

Thank you. It helps but I still have to do manual adding. Only want to see paid invoices (Dr. column is not summed up).

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You probably do not have to add things manually. Experiment with drilling down from Summary page balances on the relevant accounts. Use the Search function to isolate suppliers, if necessary. Export and add data to a spreadsheet. Once things are in a spreadsheet, you can do anything you want. Most particularly, you can use a SUM function to do the hard work. Depending on what the tax authority wants, you can also do multi-step sorts, add subtotals, etc.

You might imagine that with about 200 countries in the world, there are too many different tax authorities, with all their changing desires, for Manager to produce exactly what everybody wants. But the data is there to manipulate as you need.