Customer statement - Total Credits & Debits at the end of Statement

Is there any way that can show up the Total Credits & Debits at the end of Customer Statement. So that i can know ,how much the amount credited/debited for the given period just looking at the bottom. (Other wise i have to use calculator to sum up Credits).

Thank you.


Why exactly do you need total of debits and credits on customer statement? How do you use this information?

There is no special reson for it. It’s for my easy reference when my superior asked me,how much amount ,that customer XYZ has settled in a particular month.(Refer to the image 31/10/2015 to 30/11/2015).

In this case,should i should generate the customer statement for the given period and manually sum up those credit figures?

Is it really so hard to acheive? just like a monthly bank statement showing at the bottom, total deposits and withdrawls for the month.

Thank you and hope it clarifies.

It can at least show total credit purchases for a period for a customer

So,that implies it is unlikely at this stage.

I have no issues with it, i can still work peacefully with this beautifull software. But generally reports are one of the power tools and the purpose of using software. So it would be helpful, if it can be implemented in the future at least.

The latest version (16.1.40) will show debit/credit totals on customer statement.

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Thank you for your quick fix @lubos

Sir please do same for suppliers

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@Abeiku, added to the latest version (16.1.54)


On the bottom of the statements, I need β€œCurrent; 30 days; 60 days; 90 days” figures reflected in their respective blocks

how does one go about this?

If your software is up to date, select the Unpaid Invoices option when generating a customer statement and you get exactly what you have asked for. Here is an example from a test company:

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