Supplier and Customer credits

Customer credit and supplier credits don’t show names of the respectful customers or suppliers any longer, they don’t also appear in the account fields to be selected for actions. I need explanations please.

Facing same issue here with mine also after the recent update. Definitely something to do with this [16.7.73] Categorization against customer and supplier accounts more intuitive

@Abeiku, are you referring to the drill-down lists when clicking on Customer credits or Supplier credits accounts in the Summary?

After recent changes (I am on v16.7.80) those drill-downs now show only date, debits, credits, and balance. Transaction and Description columns are blank. And there is no indication of customer/supplier. @lubos, I think this is another unexpected consequence of the change to the categorization scheme.

Customer credits balance will always equal to the sum of negative balances under Accounts receivable.

For example, if Accounts receivable contains 3 customers. And two of them are in credit which totals $2,000. Then balance of Customer credits will be also $2,000.

So if you want to see break-down of customer credits by customer, then you can drill-down to Accounts receivable and sort customers by Balance so negative balances show first.

I will probably make it show list of customers when clicking on Customer credits balance.

Yes that would be helpful

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Please update the time period for this update ?

What do you mean? What time period?

If you need to know breakdown of customers who are in credit, you need to click on figure under Accounts receivable heading, then click on Balance column to sort by balance so credit balances come first.

In future, it will be possible to click on Customer credits to get break-down too. For now, breakdown is under Accounts receivable only.

I think when @nitinraheja asked about the “time period,” he/she was asking for an estimate of when @lubos would implement the enhancement discussed above.

@nitinraheja: If that is indeed that you meant, future enhancements and fixes that are not significant enough to make it into the Roadmap come when they come. @Lubos is never able to give us a timeframe because he’s got a lot on his hands, and things come up that he can’t anticipate. Be patient, and whatever @Lubos says will happen will eventually happen. The development pace of Manager is off-the-scale rapid compared with any other software of its class.