Failure to install August 2020 update

So I followed my usual method of installing the update for manager on windows 10 as stand alone - the August 2020 update. I save the install fine to my desktop, close other applications & double click the install file. I got this:
Annotation 2020-08-04 091445

then this:
Annotation 2020-08-04 0914456

Any idea how to fix?

Hmm, yes, I ran into this problem some versions ago. If I remember well, it was due to me normally changing the name of the installer file by adding the version so, e.g., Manager.msi becomes Manager v20.8.28.msi. I had to download the file again and leave its original name.

The latest versions install fine after changing the name.

I did not change any installer names & never had.

Did you follow the method in the Guide:

Hi Tut,

Yes I follow that procedure each & every time. I always save it to my desktop & double click to run.



@Bob_Patterson have you moved your Manager data file to a network drive?
The file naming & structure is changed with recent updates of Manager. Operating system file protections issues could also produce a similar problem.

I always rename the download file without issues

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Hi @Patch. Nope files are where they were placed. I searched my hard drive for manager & got this

Notice that the July update was using Roaming & it appears that the Aug update is using Local?
Should I uninstall Manager & start over?

On my W10 Pro x64 19041.423 Manager Desktop uses both the AppData\Local (preferences I think) and AppData\Roaming (the application) folder. What I see different is that you have a ManagerDesktop_1 of 262KB, which I guess is the icon on my laptop called ManagerDesktop.ico and your exe is 41 KB of July 13th. Date of my v20.8.28 is August 3rd and 40KB.

SO I still have the install problem. Previously I neglected to tell all that my computer had died & so I bought a new one, removed the small drive that came with it & installed my old hard drive. It boots just like my old machine & this is the one that won’t update. Is there something in the registry that needs to be changed because of the machine change?