Recent (dec'18) download aborts

Following the email regarding the Dec’18 changes made to Manager (using the Desktop), I downloaded the upgrade which proceeded until this message ‘Error whilst creating temporary file that is needed to complete the installation - try again later’. Still unable to complete the installation - same message each time.
I now find the original Manager programme is longer available to access.
Please advise how to overcome this problem.

First, where did you download from? You should only ever download from here, the official web site. Third-party distribution sites are notorious for obsolete and corrupted software.

Second, if you downloaded from there, did you download the version matching your operating system?

Third, the error message you report doesn’t sound like anything from Manager. Can you post a screen shot of the error message itself?

Hi Tut

Thanks for your response

I received an email Sat 18/12/18 for Manager Product Updates.

At the conclusion I was referred to Update Your Desktop Edition of Manager at our DOWNLOAD page where installation of the desktop Or Laptop Windows Manager.msi

During the process it got through part of the process when this message appeared ‘Error whilst creating temporary file that is needed to complete the installation, to again later’.

I tried a couple of time with the same result and therefore by-passed the email and entered the Manager website and was able to successfully install the latest update.

I have the system operating with the current version and I do not want to disrupt the software by attempting to update via the email link, as a consequence I do not have a Screen Shot of the error message.

The ability to run a G/L transaction report for any account is very pleasing as I found the prior method very cumbersome as I often need to review individual accounts for specified periods.


Alan Parkinson

All the link in the newsletter did was take you directly to the same page you eventually downloaded from successfully. There is and was no separate download site. So it sounds like you just experienced a data problem during download.