Extending the information for Qty to deliver in Sales Order

Hi @lubos

Iam trying to do one report through customs report for being able to know for every sales order which items is still undelivered but I wasn’t able to generate.

Can you please extend more information under Edit Columns in QTY to deliver Total to show order Date, Customer Name, Ref No with the current information available (item Code, Name and QTY).

I will list below where is the option should be extended

Under Sales Order Tab we have Qty to Deliver.

if we drill down it will switch to another window where it will show pending items with Qty to deliver. in this window Edit column has limited option Iam wondering if you can extend this more information to be added to the list as I suggested above to be able to print with basic sales order information


the best will be showing total pending Qty to Deliver and when we drill down, we will have sales order information same with items to be delivered.

Current Sales Order Lines currently is not listing the Qty to deliver. if it is added we will be able to export and print

Thanks for your support in advance