Sales Order Qty to deliver - New Delivery Note Button required


When a partial delivery is made, the sales order window shows the remaining qty in the ‘Qty to deliver’ column. As shown in the image below.

After clicking on ‘qty to deliver’ the next window shows all the remaining items and its quantities. As shown in the image below.

Now if I want to make a delivery note of all the remaining items and its quantities there no feature such as ‘copy to’ or ‘new delivery note’.

It’s very similar to the option provided of ‘NEW RECEIPT’ in customer statements (unpaid invoices) as shown in the image below.

Screenshot 2023-06-04 123823

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That’s a good idea.

Added to the latest version (23.6.10).

There is now New Delivery Note button when viewing quantity to be delivered on sales order.


The same has been added on the other side to purchase orders.


When creating new delivery notes using the above-mentioned button, the description remains empty despite the inventory item having a description.

There is no item selected

Item name covered for privacy purposes & also the customer details

@lubos When I create a New delivery note with the new system the description box remains empty. It was supposed to be filled. It makes the whole new change partially useless. Please check the below image.