Delivery note - show quantity in column

Hi. I am trying to figure out a way to extract report for total quantity delivered to a particular customer. I already tried in custom report but failed.

Can I therefore suggest to add quantity to show as column in delivery note?

Added to the latest version (23.3.18). You will need to use Edit Columns button to activate the column.

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In Goods Receipts page, Qty column is not available to select if there is any one of the goods receipts entry has more than one item recorded in one form.
For example: in a goods receipt form, from supplier A, received Rice 10kg and Sugar 10kg, total 20kg.

I don’t think that what you describe is accurate since Qty column is still not available in Goods Receipts.

Yes you are right, it was not there before,
after I read this release note today, I tried it on delivery note and goods receipts

18 Mar 2023 Added “Qty” column to “Delivery Notes” and “Goods Receipts” tabs (see topic) 23.3.18

in delivery note it is there and I tried it working (but all my deliver note forms have single items)
but in goods receipts I could not find it (few of my goods receipts, more than one items in a form)
so I thought that was the reason. But I’m not sure.

This quoted text appears nowhere else in this forum.

@Ealfardan, @Shan was quoting the Releases note for the update.

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