Extended Search idea

The Search box (and even the Advanced Search) do not offer the capability to search in line item descriptions, or in custom fields. This feature would be of immense value.

For example, a payment’s main description line might be “Baking Supplies”, followed by 10 separate line items, with each line detailing the specific item (sugar, flour, raisins, etc.), its quantity, price per box or case, and total for that item. And a custom “Notes” field might list specific details about negotiations or agreements made with the supplier for that particular order, or perhaps part numbers or other details.

Currently, the Search feature will find “Baking Supplies”, or whatever is in the main description field, but it will NOT find “raisins” on a line or in a custom field. If you purchase raisins from different suppliers, at different times, as line items of bigger baking supplies orders, you might want to see JUST all the payments where raisins were included in the orders.

Currently, the only workaround is to list EVERY LINE ITEM (or other matters you wish to be searchable) in the main description box of each payment. So, you can’t just put “Baking Supplies” there. Thankfully, the main description field has plenty of storage space. So basically all notes that would otherwise logically go in a custom field titled “Notes”, as well as individual items, have to be entered into the main description field so that they can be searched for at a later date. This workaround helps, but it makes the payment or invoice main description field cluttered with too much information that logically belongs in line descriptions or in custom fields.

Try this way:
click this one👇 and do the search

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That doesn’t work either.

Did you edit columns when looking at the Payment - Lines screen. Enable all and do the search!

Thank you!