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I have been using this software for years and im very happy but recently i noticed that i cant export any report to excel, unlike before.
“copy to clipboard”. when i check the clipboard, it is in word format not excel



Which version and edition (desktop, server, cloud) are you using? On what platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)?

Which report are you trying to export? I’ve just looked at one of my reports, and I can Copy to clipboard (button at top right) or Export (fainter button at bottom right, below the report). Copy to clipboard copies the report table in HTML format, and Export brings up another screen that allows me to select all the report text and copy it as tab-delimited text.

What you do with the copied text from either of these options is up to you. Neither is a native format of Word or Excel or any other program, but there are many programs (including Word and Excel) that will let you paste it. Different programs will have different ways of interpreting the pasted text, and spreadsheet applications like Excel should give you options for specifying some parameters – such as the character to use as the delimiter – when you paste the text. I don’t think Word will be very useful. I’m not sure what your best option would be if you want to paste the HTML text. You could paste it into a new Notepad file and save as a .html file and open that with a web browser. It depends what you want to do with it. Perhaps Excel could open it too.

If your operating system is showing it as a Word file, that is probably because your operating system is set to use Word as the default application for opening raw text. You can change that in your operating system’s preferences, or you could just open it / paste it into another application anyway.

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We are facing serious challenges to use the copy to clipboard.
Once it is click, it take one to another page showing Login Username and pass word.

We use cloud edition version 20.9.50.
Windows 10.
The former export and copy the data is preferably.

Please guide me on how to achieve this, for we normally export report to excel spreadsheet, adjust the data and produce other reports not done in Manager Accounting software.

I can’t help you, I’m afraid, as I use the desktop version and am still on 20.9.46.

If you believe Manager’s functionality changed, it would be helpful if you could tell us which was the last version that worked the way you wanted, and which was the first version that behaved differently. It might also be useful to see screenshots showing what happens with an explanation of what you expected to see instead.

I right click on report and send to excel

That’s a browser feature, it’s only possible when using Microsoft internet explorer and excel is installed. Note the desktop version of Manager users explorer on windows

Please is there anyone using cloud edition to assist me.
I do not understand what you mean by version of Manager that was working with export and the version that is now working with copy to clipboard.

One just wake up and see changes in the platform.
This is highly confusing and discouraging.
We have so much work to do.
Somebody should help urgently.

We are facing the same issue thats why i created this topic. But i found a solution which i think is not good if the file is too big to export.

I highlighted the report without clicking “copy to clipboard” and paste in excel.

I have seen that, but it is not good where plenty transactions like 2000 and more is involved.

Manager team should proffer the correct solution, since they changed the format.
The end point is to achieve the same purpose either with export or copy to guide.

I need assistance.

What I mean is copy to clipboard not copy to guide.

Oh ok @Patch I guess I am lucky

I have this issue as well. I paste P&L’s with ±60 tracking codes into excel every month, using the export button which is no longer there. The ‘copy to clipboard’ doesn’t cut it, because I’ve got multiple tabs that run lookups on the pasted data, so needs to be in the same format it was before :confused:

Using v 20.9.56 on mac v 10.15.6. Not sure which version I used previously, last updated just over a month ago before today.

As you can imagine, this is a huge disruption to my reporting flow. @lubos @Tut if we can get a fix on this ASAP, that would be great. Will also check to see if this is an issue on windows too - if I don’t update this post in the next couple minutes, it means its an issue on windows too.

Is this something being worked on?

No. The prior discussion was based on misconceptions about how the old Export function worked. Browser functions were mistaken for Manager functions, and the ability of some spreadsheet applications to parse HTML automatically was mistaken for exports being in spreadsheet format. The Export function has been replace by Copy to Clipboard. Read this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/10645. Previously, Export produced HTML files for reports and TSV files for lists. Now, Copy to Clipboard produces TSV files for both.

This is just the way it is now, I wouldn’t expect it to be reverted. There are numerous discussions about it.

@SheldonSwanepoel It is a shame it has broken your lookups, but I would suggest adding a new sheet next to that one (that you previously pasted into) and either transpose the new output to the old output sheet, or redesign your lookups to match the new sheet.