Exporting data to Excel


Is there a way to export data from Manager to Excel?


On some screens, there is Export button in bottom-right corner which will allow you to export data to TSV (tab separated value) format which can be opened in any spreadsheet program including Excel.

You should be more specific as to what you need to export.


Thanks. I can now export to Excel successfully. I just discovered the fault is from my laptop. I use Windows 7 and Excel wasn’t available in the list of programs. However, I have figured it out.


I’ve also just discovered that Manager data from reports copies and pastes very well from Reports. Makes some workarounds possible for using Excel. Can use for ‘exporting’ (copying) Chart of Accounts etc, manually to spreadsheet and doing Budgets in Excel for example. Bit fiddly but Manager is so good in so many other ways, it’s worth for me - at the moment.