Export reports in Excel format, any solution?

Hi guys, is there any way to export reports in Excel format?

For example, we need the reports in Excel format for the auditor as it is more convenient for the auditor to calculate and verify the numbers. This is commonly required for the general ledger transactions.

Currently we have to select all in the report and paste it into Excel, and adjust the formats or cells. It will be great if we can export to Excel directly.


When viewing the report, click on Copy to Clipboard and paste in Excel.
Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 03.56.59

@jinlinwei, understand that Excel is not the only spreadsheet program in use around the world. Therefore, Manager copies in TSV format for pasting into other applications, whether spreadsheets, text editors, or word processing programs. The features of other applications usually allow you to select how you are pasting. That is certainly true of Excel, although its exact features depend on your version and region.