Export and email error PDF

Hi there,

I have some issues exporting and emailing PDF documents, please see file attached. I am using the cloud edition. Could you please help me out?

Thanks in advance!


What language are you using? And are you using a custom theme?

More importantly, what are your questions? What are we supposed to learn by looking at your screen shot?

@Ealfardan I am using mutiple businesses within Cloud edition, all in Dutch. Only this administration is giving weird characters in export.

@Tut well, as you can see: weird characters in export PDF invoice? It is obvious that the export is not as it should be, isn’t it :slight_smile: ?

No, because forum readers had no idea what font or language you were using. That is why @Ealfardan asked. We know only what you tell us.

Hello @Roel_van_Daele :slight_smile:

Have you tried loading a backup of this business in the Desktop edition of Manager? It would be worth checking it the same issue occurs there, too.

I think the question still stands, as to whether a custom theme is in use here? You might have a different theme for this business, that your other Dutch businesses are not using.