Cant import to pdf and email using custom fields

Im using Plain Theme,

but im just editing on custom fields.
look on attachment pictures.

but cannot import to pdf and email the sales invoice. (see the error)

Please help me.


You better edit the theme and not put html in the field

The internal PDF generator does not handle all HTML syntax in custom fields. Stay with simpler code. The program is a browser and will render almost anything on screen. Subtracting features one at a time until the PDF generation works is the only way I know to figure out what is acceptable.

Im already edit the theme, but facing this problem to put on below.
hope somebody can help me.

I can try to help you tomorrow when in the office

thank you so much…
really appreciate,

Do you get some data from custom fields or only to edit the theme?

hi @Davide
im just only this thing on my sales invoice on highlight in red on example
1.on quantity, i can put some notes or text like 10 pcs, 10 cartons or any else.
2.can put some text like on example and signature for me and customer in left and right side.
i think no need for data right?or maybe just qty column affect on data,the rest only theme.