Convert to PDF


I get the following error message if I want to convert a document to a pdf file. Can you tell me how it can?

thanks in advance

Eng translation of error for anyone who finds it useful:

InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements

Did the PDF button work previously? Is this a new problem?
Are you using a custom theme?
Which edition of Manager are you using (Desktop, Server, Cloud)?
Is Manager up to date?

Is a custom theme. Manager is up to date. A desktop version.

Then you are responsible for your own debugging. This is not a coding forum. If you don’t have the skills personally, you should hire a local programmer to design your theme for you.

As the developer explained in this post, the PDF generator that is built into Manager does not support some code elements.

Try clicking the Print button and choosing a pdf printer that is installed on your system (for example Microsoft Print to PDF).