Income not shown in Summary

I posted a reply to Pierix76’s thread about this but I think it might warrant it’s own thread.

I upgraded from v14.5.39 to the current release. There seems to be a bug in the way accounts receivables and/or invoices are handled, which leads to a (paid) invoice amount not being shown in the “Income” section of Summary. What looked fine in v14.5.39 and all made sense, immediately since upgrading now has missing or ignored amounts in Summary > Income. If I load a backup which was created in 14.5.39 immediately before software update, the same problem is present so it must be to do with the latest Manager release.

I can repeat the problem by creating a new invoice, then doing Receive Money for that invoice, and this new amount does not appear in Summary > Income either. However if I make a new invoice that’s awaiting a future date for payment, the amount does appear in Summary > Income. There seems to be a problem where only amounts waiting future payment are displayed/calculated.

The Financial Performance setting in Summary is set to the correct period to show all that should be visible.

I kept my Manager 14.5.39 application but when I try to open it to see if the problem is not present in the old app, I get a huge error message that starts like this:

“ManagerServer.SerializationException: Exception of type ‘ManagerServer.SerializationException’ was thrown. at ManagerServer.Upgrade.Get () <0x01b57>”

Is there a way to successfully revert to the older version? This latest version is basically unusable unless I’m overlooking something, but I’ve spent a long time trying to research this and no answers are apparent.

As a side note it would be good to have some documentation on the Downloads page which keeps track of program updates with a changes log, so we can make an informed decision on whether to update before going down an irreversible path. Knowing that it’s easy to swap back to a prior version would provide peace of mind too…

Thanks in advance!

Can you go to Settings, then Start Date and see what is your start date? Is it set to the date when you started to use Manager day-to-day?

Yes, it looks like that was set at the wrong date – thanks for the follow up lubos. I guess it must have been reset or changed when I upgraded the version of Manager.