Opening balances disapeard after last update?

i upated manager to latest update and when i opened summary everything changed. please help

Can you provide more information, please? What exactly changed? Surely not “everything.” Opening balances do not appear in the Summary. What were you looking for and where did you look?

The terminology “opening balances” is not used any longer. The terminology changed some tie ago to “starting balances.” You can see them under Reports tab, where there is a Starting Balances report. To use it, you must have a Start Date set under Settings.

i mean by every thing : for example inventory items have starting balances so when the last update zeroed starting balance i see negative values in inventory which manager assumes as profit.
likewise in costumer and suplier credits and that what i meant by evrything.
as for start date i already set that.
is there anywway i could find manager setup for earlier versions say for end of july ?

If you like, you can send your accounting file to to see what’s going on.