Why when i create a report for s specific time period it shows all the data available

This is the problem when i create a report let say "General Ledger Transactions and set a time period from 1.06.2015 till 21.06.2015 it shows all the data i have till now. I started using this program from 1st of April so the program shows all this not only the specific time period i want. This happens with all the statements i have tried. How to fix this is it a bug or what ?

It appears that you may be using the wrong localization preference. Click on Preferences on top menu bar and select a date/number format that is convenient for you.

I believe your example was about a report from June 1, 2015 through June 21, 2015. But if your date/number preference is set, for example, to English (US), your entries will start on January 6, 2015. Obviously, in that case, your closing date will not make any sense.

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