Expense Claims pop up display form

Creating a new Expense Claim now pops up a printable form that resembles an invoice? Why would that seem like a good idea? Is there any way of making it stop?

After clicking Create button on a new expense claim, I want the screen display to drop right back the the expense claims list, where I can eyeball for correctness and start the next new expense claim form.

Because then you can print it off and use it as the voucher to support the payment.

Just click on the Expense Claims tab and you will see the list

No, you cannot make it stop. It shows because you have created a viewable transaction form. This behavior is uniform throughout the program.

I see the potential value as a document, but why pop it by default.

Yeah, I know how to click on the list. Also the back button seems to revert to a new blank form. Either way its more clicks, more mouse, more seconds, more fumbling to accomplish something that was FINE and EFFECTIVE before.

And I don’t care if the behavior is consistent throughout the program. My concern is that it used to be more agreeable, now it is bothersome. For every FEATURE that is added, logic should be in place to suppress it.

If Option ShowTheGraphicForm = 0 then go to ListView

how hard can that possibly be.

About as hard as collecting the Suppliers’ Name strings to combine into the Payee’s name cache for selecting in Expense Claims.

thanks – Manager is still the best program of its kind.

Just click on the expense claim tab, to the page you want, how hard is that?

This feature is here to stay because it brings consistency throughout the app.

The view button of entered expense claim however doesnt work throughout the program @lubos.
You cannot click on the view if you see the expense claim transaction under employees or in the balance sheet under employee clearing account.


@Abeiku thanks. Fixed in the latest version (18.1.76)