Expense Claims - request

When selecting “Sales Invoices” or “Purchase Invoices” the main/default screen always shows a “Balance Due” column. This is very convenient in order to quickly see what invoices that are due for paying (or needs collection from customers).

Is it possible to add a similar “Balance Due” column for “Expense Claims” main screen…? As the system is working today, it is quite a challenge to see what is due for paying. The only way I have found is to create an “Expense Claims Summary” report. However, if the expense claim is not in the “base currency” used in Manager, then it is challenging to associate the balance shown there (in base currency) to the actual claim(s) that is/are outstanding (which may be in another currency).

Or at least the Summary tab Expense Claims (clearing) account should be displayed with the same consistency as with other Summary tab accounts such as Accounts Payable and Employee Clearing Account

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This is complicated by several factors:

  • The Expense claims account is a balance sheet account and, therefore, must be in the base currency.
  • Only claims by pre-designated expense claims payers show up in Expense claims. Capital account owner’s claims are posted directly to their capital accounts. Employee’s claims are posted to Employee clearing account. Consequently, only some expense claims ever appear in the Expense claims liability account.
  • In none of the three situations is an expense claim paid directly. Payments, when they occur at all, are debited to a liability account, unlike invoices where receipts or payments are posted to Accounts receivable or Accounts payable and the customer’s or supplier’s subsidiary ledger. When an employee is paid for an expense claim, the employee’s subsidiary ledger in Employee clearing account is debited. Expense cliams has no subsidiary ledgers, so a payment cannot be allocated directly to a claim. As a result, what is displayed in the Expense Claims tab listing is just a list of claims that have been entered, not a status report of any sort. The fact is, Manager does not know anything about expense claims except the fact that they were entered. After that, further activity involves only the accounts to which the expense claims are credited.

I think this is achievable. Status of an expense claim entered.
It would be a good thing. And then the employee clearing account will show for each employee the balance on payslip plus the balance on Expense claim.

Which is equally applicable to both Accounts Payable and Employee Clearing .

Except, as you outlined, Expense claims payable to Member & Employee type claimants do have their expense claims posted directly to their “subsidiary ledgers” and where you highlight this when you state that “When an employee is paid for an expense claim, the employee’s subsidiary ledger in Employee clearing account is debited”.

So the question is - Why don’t all three Expense Claims payer types have their expense claims treated with consistency of process. Just because the Expense Claim “Payer” is created under Settings instead of under a tab shouldn’t equate to dual (inconsistent) processes.

Except who the Payer is, which type the Payer belongs to and therefore which of the three liability accounts the claim is to be posted to.

That statement is like saying “Manager does not know anything about “Purchase Invoices” except the fact that they were entered”.

However, both Purchase Invoices and Expense Claims are two titles for the exact same type of transaction - a demand by a third party for recompense.

Having said all that, the fact is, this topic’s subject is all about requesting a consistency in the displaying of screen data, either via a Balance Due column or via a listing of names making up an account’s balance, and is not about debating how Manager currently does or doesn’t perform functions, otherwise if that becomes the limitation, then nothing will ever get listed under the Ideas category, amen.

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Let me be clear. I’m not arguing against this idea, only pointing out the complications, which arise because of the inconsistencies. But the original suggester should realize there is more restructuring involved that just adding a status column.

I would like to suggest a column status on expense claims main menu, such as it is paid or unpaid, so we can easily track which expense claims have been paid and which one haven’t, or by creating a button of payment on expense claim menu

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