Expense claims bank rules

I import statements of my private creditcards. Sometimes these are quite a lot of transactions. It’d be great to be able to use the Bank Rules on Expense Claims.

Do you mean to create a bank rule allocating an imported bank transaction to Expense claims => Expense claims payer? If so, you already can:


The problem with doing so with an imported statement of a private credit card is that you must first create the credit card as a bank account of the business, because you can only import statements for bank accounts of the business. Then, after importing the statement, you would have a balance in the bank account showing up on your balance sheet that does not belong to the company. In the case of importing statements full of payments, you would have an ever-growing credit balance.

I mean rules for the Expense Declaration.
The creditcard is not a corporate account, so it shouldn’t be there.
So I import them into Expenses under the employee who paid for things. But sometimes it add up in terms of transactions, and a lot of them are either recurring / easy to map.
So it’d be:

If expense payer is:
[ employees / expense payers ]
… and description contains
[ EASYJET for example ]
… then allocate to
[Travel / Flights][tax][tracking]

I agree. So, does that mean you are currently doing this somehow, without designating a bank account? Or are you just saying you would like to be able to do so?

I may be missing something you are saying, but I fail to see how you can import a bank statement, for a credit card or anything else, “…into Expenses under the employee who paid for things.”

Or maybe you are suggesting addition of a new Settings option for Expense Claims Rules? If so, why not use the existing Batch Create function for expense claims. Manipulate your credit card statement into the required format in a spreadsheet and paste it in.

Ah… so currently I do some CSV mangling, and then do a Batch Bulk in the Expense Declarations. In the CSV I am able to set the GUID for the employee, so it’s filed under that account.

Yes, I’m asking for “Expense Claim Rules”
The thing is, that my excel doesn’t do any mapping. It makes sense to have that in Manager. The other thing is that the Batch Create needs GUIDs.

Now I understand. I doubt you will see such an addition to Manager. The only context in which such a capability would seem to be workable is the sole proprietor, who could import his or her own statements. You would not want to provide a capability to import unrelated persons’ bank statements. I know the developer is always reluctant to add features that can be misused or will lead to problems when users do not understand their full impact.

As for GUID’s, the developer has promised plain text input capability for some point in the future. And I suspect you could do some conditional mapping in Excel with IF functions. You would not need to map to every account, because expense claims will probably go to only a few, like Travel. A Batch Create operation might leave you with a few to allocate manually from Suspense.